“Do you really need custom software?” is the question we explored last Finance Friday with Mark Turkel, CEO, and Founder of Palm Beach Software. Watch the video below to learn more!

Mark is my client, and we love all things automation and programming, so I figured he would be a great guest for this Finance Friday. Since 1987 Mark has been writing software for businesses of all sizes. With years of business knowledge and professional software development experience, he has also become a Business Process Coach, helping companies of all sizes startup, plan for expansion, and create and execute sound strategies for growth and automation. In addition, he is a community leader. His company, Palm Beach Software Design, Inc., is entering its 35th year of business! He is also the founder of the quickly rising networking group Palm Beach Elite Networking, a group dedicated to business owners and C-Level executives. So whether your business issues are in marketing, sales, production, intelligence, or maybe you have that next excellent software idea, he can make your company operate more smoothly and increase your profit margins.

As you probably know, Bette Hochberger Inc. loves increasing profit margins and other KPIs, as evidenced by our fractional CFO services. Mark and I have similar business interests and attitudes. In the above video, we discussed automation and how if automation can take over and do the admin work so that our employees can take on more high-level tasks, we are all for it. However, we must recognize that automation can not replace a well-thought-out business process. This is our warning to not over-automate and one that our Zoho Representative, Danielle, has taught us.

Palm Beach Software is a full-service software development firm that puts people first and solves real-world business problems. They specialize in business technologies for Web (Cloud), Mobile, Desktop, and Enterprise-level software applications. So, if you require his services, please reach out to him on LinkedIn.