Hey, I’m be Bette Hochberger CPA CGMA. And on today’s Tax Tip Tuesday, we are bringing to you the big announcement that we are about a week away from the 2022 tax deadline. Which tax deadline? The one that we lovingly refer to as April 15th, although this year’s deadline is on April 18th. There is a specific reason. The District of Columbia, right, Washington, DC, actually observes Emancipation Day on Friday, April 15th, this year. So it pushes the deadline out to Monday the 18th. So you get a few extra days to procrastinate. Isn’t that fun?

What to do for this 2022 tax deadline? Well, this is your tax return. So, if you’re just like a regular person and you usually file your taxes as a person, this is the deadline for you. It’s Form 1040. It’s your individual tax returns. Also, if you have a C corporation, right? C corporation is big, think big corporations, right? Those are C corporations also do on April 18th this year.

Now, what do you do? If you are not ready for this 2022 tax deadline? Well, you better go file an extension and remember an extension is an extension of time to file, not time to pay. So if you owe taxes, you want to get those payments in by the 18th. So if you need to file an extension for your individual tax return, you will use Form 4868. And if you are filing one of those C-corp returns, corporate returns, you need a different extension form. It’s Form 7004.

So that’s it for this Tuesday reminder about this 2022 tax deadline. We’re almost done. We’re almost through the whole first part of the tax season. Of course, we always have the other insanity in September and October. But that’s it. That’s our tax tip for today. And we’ll see you next time. Also – here is a bonus deadline if you were curious.