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Bitcoin Account Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA, has been a pioneer in this industry. As an alumna of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and true technophile, her first blog post on Bitcoin was in 2014. The firm accepts payment in Bitcoin, other Cryptocurrencies, and Fiat money. We are a strategic partner with Taxbit, and very active in the MiamiTech and Web3 Scents. We understand the unique needs and challenges of those investing in the future of money.

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Cryptocurrency Tax Compliance and Reporting

After years as a Bitcoin Accounting firm, the growth of additional cryptocurrencies let us focus on serving Web3 investors in all areas of this emerging market. We believe the cryptocurrencies will change international business, but the short term involves complicated tax compliance issues with substandard tools, media disinformation, and changing guidelines. While the laws governing cryptocurrency are straightforward, the reporting requirements are onerous and requires expertise and proper software. We support several different tools for data extraction, and work with you to get your crypto accounting done right.

Cryptocurrency Mining creates additional complexity. While post-merge Ethereum has reduced the number of non-Bitcoin miners, the backwards looking measures of the tax code will result in complex mining compliance for a few years. Validation in proof-of-stake blockchains that generates new coins still have the same compliance issues as mining, requiring the recognition of revenue from the creation of new coins and deducting the expenses from the operation.

If you are accepting cryptocurrency for payment, like we do, you need to record both the income event and the capital gain/loss from the cryptocurrency. If you are making payments in cryptocurrency, you may also have gains or losses associated with the transaction. If you are tracking these digital assets, like crypto and NFTs, on your books, rules governing your mark to market may depend on your size, structure, and jurisdiction. If you are considering organizing your community into a structural entity like a DAO, there are further issues to consider.

From the dabbler in cryptocurrency to the dedicated Web3 business, we can offer you the crypto CPA offerings your business needs. Our business is a pioneer in this space, active in the MiamiTech ecosystem, and a believer in this new digital economy. If you need a crypto CPA firm that gets it for your cryptocurrency compliance needs, please contact us to see if we can help you.

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