Our Tax Accounting Prices

As a boutique CPA Firm, we focus on deep long term relationships with our clients. Most of our clients started as tax clients, upgrading to our full service offerings as they saw the value in our helping them grow their business. You can check out our outsource accounting pricing plans, but we can also handle your basic tax preparation and planning services. We believe in full transparency, so we publish our tax accounting prices, instead of hiding it in the engagement letter. We feel that transparent outsource accounting prices are the most fair way to make sure that we serve everyone fairly, and you don’t feel like you’re car shopping.

Staff Accounting


Staff Accountants make sure that the work that goes into your tax return is accurate and recorded properly. By moving up to a staff accountant, we control your tax accounting prices, but only having the appropriately priced resource working on your account.

If you are transitioning from a digital “shoebox of receipts” to a proper general ledger based company, our staff accountants will complete the write-up so it can be imported into your new accounting system. Our backwards looking records may be simplified to a basic chart of accounts, but it will inform our future decisions as we help you organize your new financial records.

Tax Manager


Experience CPAs and senior Enrolled Agents, our Tax Managers brings years of experience to reviewing your tax situation. The Tax Manager not only makes sure that your taxes are done correctly, but also to review any information that risks creating a “Red Flag” at the IRS, potentially triggering costly audits.

We are able to control your tax accounting prices by managing the work at the appropriate level. The time that the tax manager spends on your account is critical. However, since this is an expensive resource, we are careful to never have them working on lower level work and running up your bill. Honesty and Integrity are core values of our firm.

Bette Hochberger


Firm Founder and our most senior resource. Bette Hochberger, CPA, CGMA, works with owner-operators and CEOs to make certain that they hit their business goals and are pursuing smart tax strategies.. An MIT trained engineer, Bette makes sure all her clients are fully optimizing their operations. Bette is fond of reminding everyone, “after you’ve studied quantum physics, nothing in accounting is hard.”

In addition to reviewing your return before sending it to you, Bette will review your returns during your tax strategy and tax planning sessions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so avoiding tax headaches in the future with strategies and planning will save you money in the long run. While this may be the most expensive part of your tax preparation bill, you’ll find the insights and ideas Bette brings to you and your business to be invaluable.