CFO Services for small businesses are critical to supporting the businesses growth needs, but often are a strain on the budgets of smaller companies. Finding qualified resources is difficult, and most small business owners feel unqualified to evaluate the capability of the contractors available to them.

Big Business Data, Small Business Prices

Making data driven decisions is the key to growing businesses. Big companies have the dedicated resources to gather this data from throughout the enterprise. Small businesses often fail to make data driven decisions because they cannot afford this level of data collection. By working with a CPA firm that specializes in fractional CFO service offerings, we know which data can be affordably collected to help you make better decisions faster. By utilizing accounting expertise, we know which metrics drive growth, and help you adopt practices otherwise only available to your larger competition.

Full Service, Fractional OfferingsA fractional service is a compromise, but often the best compromise to a small business. Because of our economies of scale, we can often offer CFO services for small business at the same cost range as a full-service bookkeeper would cost your firm. This gets your better service with higher quality data and higher quality advice. Our customers tell us that our fractional CFO services have helped them grow faster and more profitably than they ever imagined.

Get the advice and services that you need at a price you can afford. Work with our small business accounting team to have up to date financial statements, accounting records, and business intelligence KPIs. Your decisions are only as good as the data you have to make those decisions. Let us help you develop the dashboards and KPIs necessary to understand your business’s health at all times.

CPA Firms can be the Best Solution

The AICPA and accounting firms throughout the country are working to offering better service offerings to growing businesses. While traditionally part of the finance department and not the accounting department, offering meaningful KPIs and metrics is one of the fasted growing client services. Your business deserves the best decision making tools, which starts with the best data.