Outsourcing Means More Time!

We’re going to talk today about how to reward yourself with probably one of the greatest gifts ever, and that’s having more time. Unless you’re some time master, you really can’t create more time, so all we can do is use it better. Right? We can use our time better by rewarding ourselves with outsourcing. Right? For example, oh look, there’s my dog, saw her walk in. I hate bathing my dog, so that is something I have outsourced to my kids or PetSmart.

When I talk to business owners a lot of times, they’ll say, “Oh, I’m going to do my bookkeeping, or I’ll do my marketing, or I’ll do my own this or my own that, my graphic design,” whatever it is. The reality is if you’re not in that business, if you didn’t go to school to learn about accounting, why are you spending your precious time doing accounting? There are professionals like myself who do it all day long. We have better tools. We have better knowledge. We know how to get it done right the first time, and probably we like doing it at least more than you do. Again, Outsourcing Means More Time!

For example, I spoke with someone today who’s a speech therapist, and she said, “Oh, they never taught me in school how to do things like bookkeeping and deal with my taxes.” I told her flat out, “I went to business school for accounting. They didn’t teach us how to do marketing.” You either have to learn these things, spend the time to learn how to do them, or reward yourself with more time by outsourcing them and handing them off to other professionals who know how to do them better than you do.

One of the most time-saving outsourcing jobs that I’ve ever done is hiring somebody to hire for me. I realized that I was not that great at picking and finding my contractors and employees and people to work for me. I went to someone who is an expert, and they were, yeah, capable of finding me much, much better people, saved me a lot of time sorting through resumes and job postings and all that kind of stuff. She found me fantastic people and did a much better job than I ever could have done.

If you’re a business owner and you’re still doing your books, and you’re spending all that time or, what’s even worse, you say you’re going to do it, and then you don’t do it, then you need to get in touch with me so we can take that off your hands.