LLC That Sh!t

LLC stands for Limited Liability Corporation. Yup.  I said that to a new client.  Luckily it was a friend who appreciated my sense of humor and wasn’t offended.  But this advice – not necessarily with the same delivery – is advice that I find myself giving out frequently.  There are usually two reasons:

  1. Someone is starting a new business.  The LLC is a super flexible business structure.  For a small LLC with a single owner, you don’t need to file a separate tax return just for the business.  The information goes right on Schedule C.  If you grow and want to be treated like a corporation, you make a few easy elections.  If you take on a partner, you are automatically set to be taxed as a partnership. (Find out the difference between an S-Corp & an LLC here.)
  2. Someone started a business and did not pick a structure when they started.  In this case, the default is a sole proprietorship.  This type of business puts ALL OF YOUR ASSETS AT RISK!  There is no separation between the business and the business owner.  When a sole proprietor gets sued, he or she has unlimited personal liability.

To summarize, A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the best option for your business if you want to avoid being liable during a lawsuit and want to have an easier time filing taxes.  And that is why you should LLC that sh!t.

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