In “Three Complementary Businesses I Work With Frequently,” you will learn about the businesses that complement mine.  For business owners, I hope this helps you think about networking. If you are one of these three businesses, you should schedule a call with me, and we should see how we can work together.

Today we’re going to talk about three complementary businesses or industries that I work with; that if you work with one of those people, you would probably also need a CPA. And if you work with a CPA and don’t work with those people, maybe you should think about it.

I have some stellar business associates that work with me. So if you think you need one of these people, let me know, drop me a message. I can put you in touch, and they can usually work in different states. Whatever, we can deal with that if that’s appropriate.

So number first of three complementary businesses is business attorneys. OMG, sometimes my clients are like, “I didn’t use an attorney. I found an LLC agreement on the internet.” Just because you find it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s right; it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for you. It doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with your business, your industry, et cetera. It would help if you had a reasonable business attorney.

You have contracts to manage. If you have other owners in your business, you need to work with an attorney to make sure that you’re protected and they’re protected. Getting into a company with somebody else is like getting married. It is.

So when things are good, they’re great. And then when they’re wrong, they’re freaking bad, and it’s basically like getting divorced. So if you don’t have a reasonable business attorney to draw up useful documents for you in the first place, you could be screwed, and that’s not great.

Also, just things come up. I have engagement letters; I have other legal documents. It’s beneficial to have a reasonable business attorney that you can talk to and trust to ensure that everything is just in order. So that’s number one, business attorney.

Number two of three complementary businesses, financial advisors. And you want somebody who’s licensed, who can do it all. If they can do it, they can help you figure out life insurance, which is super complicated, enables you to invest, set up retirement accounts, and all those things.

I have a number of those folks that I work with, and I recommend. And really, you need somebody you can trust, and you need somebody who understands what these financial instruments mean for you, when to use them, when not to, and it can be hard to navigate that. But I have some stellar people that I’ve known for a long time, that I work with and manage things for me. And I have no problem sending my clients to them; I trust them fully.

Final complementary businesses, other accountants. Would you believe that? Yeah, sometimes we find things that aren’t a good fit for us. Sometimes it’s an industry that we don’t work with, sometimes for me, bookkeepers. Bookkeepers who don’t do tax are such a phenomenal business relationship for me because sometimes, I mean, my firm can do bookkeeping. But sometimes, we don’t give clients what they’re looking for, or we don’t have a specialty in what they’re using. We specialize in the most prominent South Florida Industries; not every firm works with every type of business.

But bookkeepers who have specialties in different areas are phenomenal other businesses that I work with, and we can refer back and forth. Some of those people, we do a ton of business together, so it’s fantastic.