Sharon Brandt, a top producing Florida Real Estate Professional, comes on #FinanceFriday to discuss the red hot Florida Real Estate Market. The rate of migrating from the rest of the country to Florida has increased even more during the COVID-19 Pandemic; combined with low-interest rates, Florida has a real estate boom.

Florida Native Sharon Brandt’s specialty is families relocating from New York and New Jersey, helping them acclimate to their new home, choose schools for their children, and manage the process of relocating your life to the Sunshine State. Bette and Sharon have been neighbors for 17 years, and both are helping people relocating to Florida. Sharon’s tidbits on moving are essential for anyone looking to relocate their tax domicile to Florida because it all starts with a place to live.

Sharon Brandt takes a personal interest in helping her clients move here. Her Facebook Profile, Twitter Account, and Instagram Profile are focused on Real Estate dealings, families she has helped move to Florida, and homeowners whose homes she’s sold. If you are even thinking of moving here, reach out to her on social media to discuss.

Moving to Florida from New York, New Jersey, and California

Over 1,000 people are moving to Florida every day. New York City alone had 3.57 Million residents leave the city in 2020, with Florida as one of the top destinations for people relocating. The market is hot, with little room to negotiate; most homes sell at or above their asking price. With low-interest rates, Florida is very affordable, but price increases will change over the months and years ahead. If you are thinking of moving, you should move fast, as the costs will only increase.

New York and New Jersey Residents buying Florida Real Estate to Move

People thinking for months or years about moving are beside themselves with the higher price point. However, as Florida’s economy is growing and the metro-New York area is stagnating, more people are relocating to the hot South Florida market. Many people are engaging in a partial investment, purchasing the home for part of the year, and renting it out at other times.

Florida Real Estate Inventory

There is limited Florida Real Estate inventory available, so potential buyers need to move quickly. While some people are buying homes without seeing them, Sharon Brandt mostly works with clients coming down to review the area. Because of COVID-19 safety reasons, Sharon and her clients take separate vehicles, but she helps them identify the neighborhood and home of their dreams.

Florida Real Estate Investment

Some buildings do 6-month rentals, allowing you to enjoy Florida for half the year and rent it the other half. This market is continuing to do well. Each month the market is reaching a new high.

Cities and Neighborhoods Sharon Specializes in

Florida native Sharon Brandt specializes in Miami Beach, Surf Side, Aventura, Bal Harbour, Boca Raton, and Hollywood. She is the top listing agent in the Emerald Hills area of Hollywood, FL, but has Florida real estate listings throughout South Florida. She also knows the neighborhoods, helping clients view the MLS options quickly and efficiently.

Ready to move to Florida?

If you are ready to move your family to Florida, or even thinking about it, reach out to Sharon and Bette. Bette will help you evaluate the economic impact of the move, while Sharon can help you with the migration itself. Right now, 1,000 people move every day, and virtually nobody is moving back to New York. If moving to Florida is part of your plan, navigating the Florida real estate market is critical to your decision.