About Sarah:

Sarah is a finance rockstar with a passion for learning and helping others! Her journey began at the University of Minnesota – Morris, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree. But her foray into the world of personal finance really got her hooked on the world of accounting and finance. Sarah devoured every accounting and finance course offered at her niche college, developing a deep understanding of the industry’s many complexities. And with a diverse background that includes experience as an office manager, freelance writer, and financial coach, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Sarah’s Bio:

Sarah is a left-handed powerhouse from Minnesota with a passion for words, sports, and adventure! Whether serving up an awesome volleyball spike or putting pen to paper, Sarah always gives it her all. As the mother of three young daughters, Sarah’s life is anything but dull, but she still manages to find time for her favorite hobbies. You can find her exploring the great outdoors, hiking along picturesque trails, or walking her furry friends when she’s not reading or writing books.