Jordan Guthrie

About Jordan Guthrie:

Meet Jordan, our versatile Director of Client Success hailing from vibrant Indianapolis. Jordan seamlessly integrates client success, onboarding, sales enablement, operations, and meticulous bookkeeping into her repertoire. Drawing from a diverse background spanning healthcare, psychology, and social media, she prioritizes client satisfaction. Jordan’s unwavering dedication lies in cultivating lasting connections. Off-duty, she embraces the dual roles of a committed full-time college student and a passionate cat enthusiast, striking a harmonious balance between academic pursuits and her affection for feline companions.

Jordan’s Bio:

Jordan, our Director of Client Success from Indianapolis, now excelling in Fort Lauderdale, has a unique knack for client success and operational efficiency. She has gracefully transitioned from healthcare to marketing, and finally to client success. Jordan’s role in ensuring smooth client onboarding is complemented by her passion for bookkeeping and keep strong relationships with clients. She thrives on the investigative aspect of bookkeeping, enjoying the challenge of piecing together financial puzzles. Her role is pivotal in ensuring clients receive exceptional service from the outset, setting a high standard in customer experience. Alongside these professional pursuits, Jordan maintains a rigorous commitment to her full-time college education, exemplifying her remarkable ability to balance demanding roles with academic excellence.