Cynthia Milewski

About Cindy:

Cindy has started in tax as an analyst with Morgan Stanley as served in both in-house and public accounting roles in New York City and Denver before relocating to South Florida. She is an expert tax manager, with expertise in publishing, finance, retail, and energy.

Cindy’s Bio:

Cindy figured out she loved accounting as an undergraduate, and has spent her entire career in the world of tax accounting. Over 15 years in 3 major metropolitan areas at a variety of in-house and public accounting roles, she has found that her ability to utilize managerial, analytical, and organizational abilities lets her excel in boutique accounting firms. She has an undergraduate degree in accounting from Seton Hall.

Her true passion is fishing, and she competes in fishing tournaments nearly every weekend outside of tax season. One of the top award winning Lady Anglers in South Florida, she mostly focuses on chasing sport fishlike Kingfish, Sharks, Marlin, other sports fish with Team Reel Dreams. When not competitively chasing sportsfish, she makes time to catch her dinner from time to time.

She loves to cook, improving her culinary skills with a variety of aquatic foods from South Florida.