recite-section 179 When you purchase big ticket items such as computers, furniture, and equipment these are called capital expenditures. Usually these items last more than one year so we allocate the cost of them across the years of their use. This process is known as depreciation.

There are special rules for tax depreciation. If you know these rules, you can effectively expense significant purchases all in one year, which can be an effective tax strategy. For 2014, this is accomplished by taking advantage of Section 179 deductions.

Section 179 has a number of rules that must be followed to take advantage of it. It can only be used on certain purchased items such as machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and signs. It cannot be taken on buildings, their structural components, or land. The items must be purchased for use in business, and if they are used for both business and personal they must be at least 50% business use to qualify. Finally, there is a limit on the deduction currently in place for 2014 of $25,000.

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