Tax Returns & Tax Preparation

Tax returns are required quarterly or annually, depending on the form. All businesses and individuals with tax liability have to fill our a return, and timely filing is the best way to stay out of trouble with the IRS and your State. We file tax returns, where needed, in all 50 States and the District of Columbia.

Most Common Tax Returns

  • S-Corporations (1120S Tax Returns)
  • Partnerships & Multimember LLCs (1065 Tax Returns)
  • C-Corporations (1120 Tax Returns)
  • Individual Returns (1040 Tax Returns)
  • Estate Trust Returns (1041 Tax Returns)
  • Non-Profit Returns (990EZ, 990N, and 990 Tax Returns)
  • Individual Non-Resident Returns (1040NR Tax Returns)

Tax returns themselves are straight-forward if your records are in order. As a result, we offer combination bookkeeping/tax return packages where we stay on top of your books all year and file your return at year end. For others that do their own accounting, we file returns and plan a mid-year strategy session to keep you on track. If you only look at your financials and tax situation annually, you may be passing up tax credits, tax deductions, or better business decisions.

Small Business Returns

Small businesses either file as part of their owner’s return (Schedule C on the 1040), or as their own entity (1120, 1120S or 1065). If you aren’t sure what type of business to form, schedule a call to discuss your options and we’ll help you pick the right business form for your goals and objectives.

Non Profits

Non-profits require careful planning, but can provide your organization with tremendous advantages in fund raising and operations. Having the right structure, IRS designation, and state paperwork filed can be the difference between a healthy non-profit with numerous grants and supporters and a failed idea that never gets off the ground. We can guide you through the non-profit process, and if your situation requires the advice of a tax lawyer, we’ll help you make sense of their advice and start your organization.

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