Payroll is critical to most businesses. While growing firms with many employees know the importance of a good payroll system, small business owners that want to avoid tax headaches should choose an easy to use software package. For small businesses, the cloud drastically simplifies the process.


ZenPayroll is delightful, modern solution. Their comprehensive payroll service enables businesses to get set up and run payroll in minutes, from any web enabled device. All government payroll taxes, reporting, and compliance are taken care of automatically and paperlessly. They’ve processed hundreds of millions of dollars in payroll and our customers span a wide variety of businesses, from flower shops to technology start-ups.

Small Businesses

For small payroll, often an owner, their spouse, and 1-2 employees, we can set up ZenPayroll quickly and painlessness. Signup to pay for processing with my Paypal link, and I’ll help you setup your payroll service. Let’s get you started with ZenPayroll right away!

Zen Payroll
1 Employee : $29.00 USD – monthly
2 Employees : $33.00 USD – monthly
3 Employees : $37.00 USD – monthly
4 Employees : $41.00 USD – monthly
5 Employees : $45.00 USD – monthly
Confirm number of employees:

Zen Payroll does scale to larger firms, but if you have a substantial payroll, it may be worth using a traditional payroll processor. The extra hassle may be worth it for the cost savings, or you may still want to use the beautiful and simple Zen Payroll.

If you have over 5 employees please schedule a call with me.  Let’s evaluate your needs, the costs involved, and make an informed decision.

ZenPayroll is easy to use, simply to stay on top of, and painless to integrate with your accounting system. Direct deposit, email reminders, and simple online processing make one of the more cumbersome parts of running a business easy. You’ll still have to find and retain talent, but we can simplify compliance when you pay them. They put out a great video highlighting their service, check it out on Youtube:

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