History of my firm video!

Hey everybody, happy Tuesday. Today, I’m going to talk to you about a little history of my firm. I think it’s safe to say that a history of my firm is really kind of a history of me, at least my accounting journey.

I will start at the very, very beginning, actually before I even went into accounting, I actually went to MIT and I have an engineering degree. I really kind of went in a different direction, ended up not going into engineering. I was also pre-dental, which is a little strange, maybe. But I went into accounting because, once you’ve done things like differential calculus, doing accounting is really rather easy. Even when things are complicated, it’s not so much complicated compared to quantum physics. So, accounting was the way easier way to work with numbers. I actually did end up needing to go to graduate school, so I have a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern, that I earned, I don’t even remember what year it was, a number of years ago.

I worked in accounting, basically, since I graduated college. Actually, even before I graduated I had an accounting job, but since graduating college. I worked for New England Medical Center, which has a new name now, it’s the hospital associated with Tufts. I worked at Boston University’s Medical Campus, also in accounting department. I used to do government grant contract research accounting, which is its own beast, it’s a subset of accounting. Then I moved down to Florida and that’s when I went into, also non-profit world, but different type, not hospital and university, but it was in a private school as director of finance.

All the while through all of this, I was working on my master’s degree with the goal of becoming a CPA. After that, is what I moved into the CPA world. I worked at [inaudible 00:02:15] Robinson, which I think also has a new name now. I worked at [inaudible 00:02:18] Robinson, which also has a new name. Actually, it got bought by BDO. After being at that firm is when I went out on my own. We worked really independently. We didn’t have a lot of oversight, and there wasn’t really a reason to work for somebody else 60 hours a week when I had little kids. So, I went out on my own, highly encouraged by my wonderful husband, and never looked back ever since then.

I went from having a few small clients, friends and family, a couple of clients came with me when I left the last firm. They were not willing to give me up. So, they followed me along and I’ve really been very lucky that it’s just grown and grown over the years.

What else can I tell you about the firm? It’s not just me anymore. You might hear my dog snoring in the background, she’s one of my associates, but I also have a couple awesome people that work with me, a few more during tax season than the rest of the year. But I do have a few people on my staff. It’s not just a one woman show anymore, which is really exciting. We’ve got big plans for this year. A lot of growth, just going to keep growing. The economy is doing great, trying to take advantage of that. There’s a lot of new businesses starting up all over, especially in South Florida. It’s been really neat to watch the last couple of years, and we love helping our small business clients. They’re our favorite. So, whether it’s professionals that, like myself, that have their own business, or if it’s technology startups, we really love our clients and we love helping them grow, and watching them grow, and we grow along with them. So, it’s really a win-win for everyone.

It is tax season. If you’re looking for someone super smart, because I did go to MIT, to help you with your taxes, make sure you’re not paying too much, make sure you’re getting everything you can out of what you do, and minimizing the amount of taxes that you pay, and help keep some money in your own wallet, feel free to reach out.

See you tomorrow.