Pricing – Outsourced Accounting/Finance

Ongoing businesses have ongoing accounting needs. Our Accounting Services Packages let us help you grow your business with a standardized cost that is dramatically less than hiring in-house accountants to track your books. Our most popular offerings are our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Offerings.

Silver Gold Platinum
Service Equivalent: Contract Bookkeeper Contract Controller Contract CFO
Business Revenues (Annual): $50k – $500k $250k – $2M $1M – $5M
Service Fee (Monthly): $500 $2,500 $7,500
Basic Bookkeeping (Bank, Credit Card Reconciliation) Yes Yes Yes
Tax Preparation and Filing (Income, Sales, 1099s) Yes Yes Yes Subscription and Support (or Quickbooks Online Support) Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Financial Reports Quarterly Yes Yes
Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting Analysis Online Yes Yes
Payroll Services Yes Yes
Budgeting – Creation and Variance Reporting Yes Yes
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Management and Cloud Based Control Yes Yes
Monthly Financial and Cost Analysis and Advice Yes Yes
Monthly Phone or Video Conference to Review your Business Yes Yes
Tax Planning – Strategy and Regular Reviews Yes
Financial Forecasting and Projections Yes
Business Process Consulting and Streamlining Yes
Industry Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis Yes
Add-on Application Integration Assistance Yes

Service Packages Explained

  • Bronze (DIY Accounting) – Microbusiness whose owner is still doing the books, but wants to avoid major mistakes, pitfalls, or expensive tax preparation fees. Quarterly reviews of bookkeeping and fixes. Tax work billed separately. Price: $100/month
  • Bronze+Software (DIY Accounting) – Microbusiness whose owner is still doing the books, but wants to avoid major mistakes, pitfalls, or expensive tax preparation fees. Bronze+Package Package includes Xero Accounting, Gusto Payroll, Receipt Bank software packages, plus quarterly reviews of bookkeeping and fixes. Quarterly reviews include reviews of entries in all three packages plus integration. Tax work billed separately. Price: $250/month
  • Silver (Contract Bookkeeper) – Microbusiness that has outgrown the owner doing the books, needing basic bookkeeping done right, the alternative being poorly kept books by office manager/administrative assistant. Price: $500/month
  • Gold (Contract Controller) – Small businesses thinking of hiring a dedicated bookkeeper because it’s outgrown being a side job for your admin. Price: $2,500/month
  • Platinum (Contract CFO) – Small to Medium Sized Business who needs strategic guidance and the services of a Chief Financial Officer, but aren’t big enough to warrant a full time CFO. Price: $7,500/month
  • Diamond (Contract CFO, Accounting, and Finance Departments) – Medium Businesses or Venture Capital Backed Start-ups that need full financial and accounting services but don’t require the brand name of a Big 4 until they go public. Services include in-person meetings with management team, board of directors, potential investors, coordinating annual audits, strategic planning, business valuation, risk management, and other high level financial services. Price: Customized
  • Setup – New clients are charged a one time setup fee that varies with complexity.

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