Clio – Clio Accountant

Clio, with a Clio Accountant

Clio is an Cloud based practice management package for law firms. With cloud based infrastructure, Clio can scale up with you, or down to your current size without the IT overhead costs of a traditional practice management tool.

By integrating with Xero, Clio has made it easier to manage your practice and finances in the cloud. As an Accountant and Clio Certified Consultant, we setup your infrastructure, connect Clio, Xero, file sharing services, and other web apps making it easier to run your practice. This frees up your time to do what you love, rather than spending time managing your firm.

Whether looking for help setting up your Clio Practice, or integrating Clio with Xero and other Cloud offerings, our team can help. Contact us to get started!

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