Vicki Quintero

About Vicki:

Vicki loves art and writing, and found that ability to combine those passions into a career in marketing. Moving up the ranks in Recovery Unplugged’s marketing department, she developed expertise in event activations, web content marketing, and social media strategy.

Vicki’s Bio:

Vicki found herself at Recovery Unplugged checking in with program alumni to help them stay clean and sober when she discovered her passion for changing the world through marketing. She moved to roles writing web content, planning event activations, managing video production, and developing social media strategies. Vicki has a Bachelor from Florida Atlantic University.

A combined artist, activist, and doer, Vicki found her ability to fluently speak the various “love languages” of artists and business managers led her to a path managing marketing campaigns. She has developed video campaigns for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Programmatic advertising, as well as building out and tracking display advertising strategies across various platforms. She helped develop the #HumansInRecovery and #iPartySober brands at Recovery Unplugged, and focuses her free time on mentoring young women in the recovery community.

Passionate about music, she helped develop and manage the “Face the Music Experience” – where she set up and managed a safe space for performers and crew at music festivals like KISS Country’s Chili Cookoff and Riptide Music Festival, providing 12-Step and non 12-Step experiences backstage.