Peter Hubshman

About Peter:

Peter is in his 5th decade of finance and strategy. After a lucrative career in finance and early Internet Ventures, he now enjoys advising Innovative Startup Companies and owner-operating Small Businesses on how to achieve their homes and dreams.

Peter’s Bio:

Peter has known and mentored Bette since she was a senior at MIT. With over 30 years of experience ranging from Leveraged Buyouts in the late 80s, through Consulting in the 90s, Technology Startups in the 2000s, and spent the 2010s advising a myriad of startup ventures in every hot topic of that innovative decade.

Some of the most innovative projects he has worked on include the following: developing package delivery via Rickshaws in urban areas, creating privacy based multi-persona social media networks, virtual caregiving telehealth solutions for the elderly, the Drone Racing League, a digital Art Delivery Platform, a Boat-Share company in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, and Artificial Intelligence driven learning systems.

Prior to advising such creative ventures, Peter was a pioneer in the Domain Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Space, developing at and it’s predecessor companies brands such at:,,,,,,,,, and Peter brought his experience as a financier working on leveraged buyouts and private financial markets to the budding world of the Internet Brand space, before relocating to South Florida to pursue more creative ventures.

Peter has a Masters from the Yale School of Management, as well as an undergraduate from the Berklee College of Music. Peter’s instrument of choice is the guitar.