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Tax-Free Gifts in 2014

Every year each individual is allowed to give an unlimited number of tax-free gifts. For 2014, that gift amount is $14,000. Also, direct payments of tuition to educational institutions or direct payments of medical care to providers made on behalf of another person are not subject to...  Read More

Estate, Trust & Gift Tax for 2014

I recently made a presentation to financial industry professionals regarding tax issues for Estate & Trusts gifts.  Here is a movie of the slideshow presentation.  Have questions?  Feel free to contact me! Youtube video: Estate, Trust & Gift Taxation 2014  ...  Read More

IRS Estate Tax Exemption for 2013

The IRS announced in the Revenue Proceedure 2013-15 that the estate tax exemption for 2013 is $5,250,000.  This means that if you forgot to make that $5 million gift before December 31, 2012 you are in luck because you can make it this year!...  Read More