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Florida Business – File with the State by May 1

  Florida businesses need to file their annual reports by May 1 to avoid penalties.  The penalties are big – $400 if you file late! – and the state won’t wave these. Go to SunBiz now to renew.  You will need to know your document number.  If you don’t know...  Read More

May 1 Deadline to File Florida Annual Report

If you are a Florida business owner, today – May 1 – is the last day to file your annual report with the state.  You can renew here.  If you don’t file the annual report today you face a $400 reinstatement fee that will NOT be waived. Interested in setting up a busin...  Read More

State Taxable Wages for Unemployment

Have you ever wondered how your state comes up with the amount of unemployment tax you pay for your employees?  Generally the formula is: taxable wages up to the wage base X tax rate = state unemployment tax Taxable wages up to the wage base simply means that you take the wages for an...  Read More