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6 Smart Business Tax Moves to Make For 2015 Year-End

2015 is almost over but there are still some ways to make the best of your tax situation before New Year’s is here.  Spoiler-number 6 is the most important! 1. Do your 2015 bookkeeping now. If you aren’t current with your bookkeeping, now is a great time to catch up. You can’t know wh...  Read More

Why Not to Pull Money Out of Retirement Accounts Early

Hopefully, you have been doing the responsible thing and putting away a nice little nest egg in retirement plans such as pensions, profit sharing plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). If you did, resist the urge to take money out of those accounts before your turn 59½. For...  Read More
Tweet it! It's not to late to save! 2013 IRA contribution deadline is the date you file your 2013 tax return, including extensions. #TaxTipTuesday

2013 IRA Contribution Deadline

If 2013 came and went and you did not manage to put away money for retirement, you may be in luck.  If you have an individual retirement account (IRA) or a Roth IRA you can make your contribution up until you file your 2013 taxes, including extensions.  This gives you a little extra t...  Read More

529 Savings Plan Post for Kveller

I am so excited to share with everyone the post I wrote for!  This post is about 529 savings plans for paying for education.  Find the article here.  Follow Kveller on Facebook or Twitter.  Watch for additional posts from yours truly!!!...  Read More