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6 Smart Business Tax Moves to Make For 2015 Year-End

2015 is almost over but there are still some ways to make the best of your tax situation before New Year’s is here.  Spoiler-number 6 is the most important! 1. Do your 2015 bookkeeping now. If you aren’t current with your bookkeeping, now is a great time to catch up. You can’t know wh...  Read More

When Outsourced Payroll Goes Bad

Usually when you work with a payroll company, the last thing you expect is for them to not send your tax payments into the IRS. Unfortunately, in a recent court case, when a payroll company declared bankruptcy, that is exactly what happened. In this particular case, when the payroll c...  Read More

Contractors vs. Employees

When companies are hiring there is often a question of whether they are bringing on contractors or employees. Sometimes it is easy to figure out, like when you use an outsourcing company or a subcontractor. Other times it can be more difficult to determine, such as hiring a remote emp...  Read More

IRS to Restaurants-Tips on Large Group Checks Are Wages

Look out restaurants. As of January 1, 2014 automatic tips for servers will need to be included in payroll. That means reporting tips as wages and paying payroll taxes.  That also means more tax expenses to restaurants and servers will need to wait longer to receive those hard earned...  Read More Nanny Tax Post

My second post for was on Nanny Taxes- how to pay them and why you should.  Find the article here.  Follow Kveller on Facebook or Twitter....  Read More