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2014 Corporate Tax Deadline Approaching – March 16, 2015

The corporate tax filing deadline is usually March 15. This year March 15 is a Sunday so the deadline is pushed off until Monday, March 16, 2015. Make sure you get your corporate tax return to the IRS by that point. If you still need more time to prepare, be sure to file an extension...  Read More

What’s my status?

When people get married or divorced or a spouse dies during a year, it can be confusing to determine what the filing status of that year should be.  The IRS determines your filing status based on what you are on December 31 of that tax year.  This means that whether you got married on...  Read More

More Americans View Their Taxes as Unfair

Well if you filed your taxes and you feel like the tax bill you were handed was an unfair amount, you are not alone.  According to a recent gallup poll only 55% of Americans think their income taxes are fair.  Turns out that there isn’t a big difference in this perception based...  Read More

Taxpayers Claiming Education Credits Wait Until February To File

With all of the changes to the tax code that were signed earlier this year the IRS is scrambling to catch up.  If you are a taxpayer that claims one of the education tax credits- the American Opportunities Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit- using Form 8863 you will need to wait...  Read More

1040 Individual 2012 Tax Filing Begins January 30, 2013

The IRS just announced that the 2012 tax filings for individuals can be submitted beginning January 30, 2013. Start collecting your tax information now and to be ready to file!...  Read More