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A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job.

Estimated Tax and 1099-MISC Deadlines

This message is to remind you of two important upcoming tax deadlines: January 15 is the deadline for the fourth and final estimated tax payment for 2014. Make sure your estimated payment is postmarked by the 15th. You might want to send it certified return receipt to be sure of when...  Read More

Contractors vs. Employees

When companies are hiring there is often a question of whether they are bringing on contractors or employees. Sometimes it is easy to figure out, like when you use an outsourcing company or a subcontractor. Other times it can be more difficult to determine, such as hiring a remote emp...  Read More

When You Need To File a 1099 For a Vendor Or Contractor

I regularly get questions about whether or not to file 1099s. ¬†They are often surprised that more vendors and contractors need 1099s than they think. The list goes well beyond a freelancer you hire or a subcontractor you use. In general, 1099s are required for payments over $600 made...  Read More