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A non profit organization that is tax exempt in the United States. Donations to charities are often tax deductible.

Doing Good and Lowering Your Tax Bill

Doing Good and Lowering Your Tax Bill

  2014 is about to end and you might be thinking about how to lower your tax bill. Given the holiday season, you might also be thinking about how to do some good in the world. There’s still time to do both! Charitable contributions can be an effective tool to lower your tax bill...  Read More

Estate, Trust & Gift Tax for 2014

I recently made a presentation to financial industry professionals regarding tax issues for Estate & Trusts gifts.  Here is a movie of the slideshow presentation.  Have questions?  Feel free to contact me! Youtube video: Estate, Trust & Gift Taxation 2014  ...  Read More

May 15 Filing Deadline for December Year End Non-Profit Entities

If you are a non-profit entity with a December 31 tax year end you have a filing deadline on May 15! If you are not ready to complete your Form 990, Form 990-EZ, or 990-N e-postcard, make sure you file for your first extension with Form 8868....  Read More