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A business is a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern. A business is also a building or site where commercial work is carried on, as a factory, store, or office; place of work.

Financial Moves for the End of 2017

I don’t know about you but I am not sad to see 2017 go! It has been a crazy year of political drama, fake news, and crazy natural disasters.  In fact there is still debris from Hurricane Irma in my neighborhood!  The good news is there is still time left to make some financial moves t...  Read More
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Florida Business – File with the State by May 1

  Florida businesses need to file their annual reports by May 1 to avoid penalties.  The penalties are big – $400 if you file late! – and the state won’t wave these. Go to SunBiz now to renew.  You will need to know your document number.  If you don’t know...  Read More

Tangible Personal Property Tax Returns Due TOMORROW in Florida

April 1 is the deadline for filing the Tangible Personal Property tax for businesses in Florida. Tangible personal property (TPP) is stuff you can feel or touch that is moveable – basically anything that is not real estate or attached to real estate. Inventory is not included in...  Read More

2014 Tax returns due 9/15 for businesses on extension

It’s hard to believe how fast 2015 is going.  The deadline for 2014 tax returns for businesses (corporations and partnership) on extension is quickly approaching!    The deadline is September 15- that’s just two weeks away.  Contact your CPA right away if you still haven&#...  Read More

May 1 Deadline to File Florida Annual Report

If you are a Florida business owner, today – May 1 – is the last day to file your annual report with the state.  You can renew here.  If you don’t file the annual report today you face a $400 reinstatement fee that will NOT be waived. Interested in setting up a busin...  Read More

LLC That Sh!t

Yup.  I said that.  To a new client.  Luckily it was a friend who appreciated my sense of humor and wasn’t offended.  But this advice – not necessarily with the same delivery – is advice that I find myself giving out frequently.  There are usually two reasons: Someon...  Read More

How to Fully Deduct Business Gifts

Many business owners might not be aware of this, but gifts that your business gives out to vendors, customers, or other business associates are only tax deductible up to $25 per year, per recipient. This means that if you were thinking of passing out expensive bottles of wine (or tequ...  Read More

How to Deduct Your Vacation

It is almost summer and many people will be thinking about traveling. If you plan it right you might even be able to deduct a good part of your trip. Travel Primarily For Business The IRS says that travel primarily for business is fully deductible. If you take a trip that is primarily...  Read More

Femfessionals Adds New Board Members and Community Ambassadors | South Florida Citybizlist

I am thrilled to be part of this fabulous group of professional women in Femfessionals Fort Lauderdale! See the announcement in the CityBizList South Florida. Femfessionals Adds New Board Members and Community Ambassadors | South Florida Citybizlist. About Femfessionals and FemCity Ft...  Read More

2012 Fourth Quarter Estimated Payments 1040-ES

If you make quarterly estimated payments, the fourth payment for 2012 is due today, January 15, 2013.  If you need a voucher and instructions for filing estimated tax payments they can be downloaded from the IRS website here.  Filing estimated tax payments helps you avoid those late p...  Read More